April 23, 2016

Collect and share your favorite PhotoNews photos

One of the cool features of the new PhotoNews image archive is the ability to make and save Lightboxes of your favorite photos on our site. Registered users can even have multiple lightboxes to separate by games, players, events or anyway that floats their boat. The lightbox system has several handy built-in features which we'll discuss below.

When you click on the thumbnail to view a photos right above the image you will see a gray button that says "Add to Lightbox". Put the cursor over the button it will turn blue signalling the image can be added to a lightbox. Click the button and the image will be saved to your personal collection.

To save the collection you must create an account if you don't already have one. It's free and there are no fees to worry about. Once your account is activated and you will need to log in and that's when you can enjoy the real power of our the new photo archive system. To view the images in your lightbox look under the PhotoNews logo and find the word "Lightboxes". Click it and you will go to the album page displaying all the images you added to your collection.

Rename your lightbox
If you are going to make multiple lightboxes, the first thing you will want to do is name them in a way you can keep track of them.

It's really easy. Simply put the cursor over the title of the lightbox and it will turn yellow. Click on it, change the name to whatever you like and then click save. Boom! Done. You are on your way to becoming a pro user!

Share your lightbox with others
Whenever you want to share your lightbox with family and friends, click the green share button above the thumbnail photos in your album.

A new dialog box will open where you will choose the collection you want to share, enter the email address you want to send an invitation to and, if you want, add a personalized message. You can also allow the person you are forwarding the lightbox to interact with the images you have stored. You can give them permission to "invite others" to your lightbox and/or allow them to "remove, rate, sort and comment on images". Click the "Share Lightbox" button and off an email goes to the friend or relative with the invitation to view the lightbox.

Share individual photos fast
Do you need to create a lightbox to share our photos? Not at all.  Above the large view of each photo, seen after you click on the thumbnail, in the row of tools above the photo you will find share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.  PhotoNews visitors are welcomed to use these easy methods to share our great images 24/7.

In the next article about our lightbox system we'll show you how to manage the photos in your collection.

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