April 14, 2016

#TBT: Spartans knock off Comets in muddy win

This week's Throwback Thursday feature is from the 2009 first-round IHSA playoff game between Oakwood-Armstrong-Potomac and St. Joseph-Ogden. Seventy-seven photos from the game were uploaded today for players and fans to relive the memories from the game. Below are seven pics from the muddy, rain-soaked game where the Spartans pounded out a 48-8 win over the visiting Comets. See the rest of the awesome photos from this game in the photo archive here.

Jake Bock
Spartans' Jake Bock carries the ball during second half of the game.

Oakwood's Douglas Pierce
Picking up speed as he runs out of the backfield, Comets' Douglas Pierce sprints for open grass during first quarter action against the Spartans.

Jake Bock is tackled
Jake Bock is swarmed by Oakwood defenders Arlen Kerst, Tyler Todd and TJ Place in the first quarter of their game. See all seven images of Jake in action in our gallery here.

St. Joseph-Ogden student fans celebrate.
SJO fans celebrate a touchdown for their team.

Austin Griswell
Austin Griswell fires off the O-line to block in the first quarter.

Arlen Kerst and Trace McClintock
Soaked with rain and covered in mud, Arlen Kerst takes a hand off from quarterback Trace McClintock.

Comets' Trace McClintock is hit by an SJO defender. See more photos of McClintock in the gallery.

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