April 27, 2016

U of I offers free class to high school students

The Global Reach Area Studies Program is offering a free 4 week class for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors this summer on the Urbana campus at the University of Illinois.  Feeding Africa: Systems Perspectives on Sub-Saharan Food Security will meet  two hours a day, three days a week giving students with an interest in agriculture, African studies and/or nutrition the opportunity to learn about the agricultural history and accomplishments in Ghana and South Africa. The class will also appeal to students who are considering a career in health care, international studies, science, engineering and media relations.

With the exception of a $42 in materials fee and transportation fees for a field trip, the class is offered at no charge to students who apply before the final deadline on May 2, 2016. Students who wish to receive college credit for the class can opt to do so by paying the course credit fee.

The class will meet from July 5 to July 28 and will conclude with students producing podcast, blogs social media campaigns that will be distributed as a final product.

Interested students and parents can find more information on the official website for the Center for African Studies as well as fill out the application online here.

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