May 4, 2016

Download your Illinois Marathon photo

The announcement was going to be made later this week after we had another three or four hundred photos online, but @ruairifit on Instagram let the cat out of the bag after finding his race photo in the image archive this weekend.

 ". . . I was able to find another race photographer that allowed me to download pics for $1 versus those ridiculously expensive downloads . . . "

Yes, that's right Illinois Marathoners, if you find you race photo in our our race gallery you can instantly download digital versions of any of the photos starting at just a $1 by clicking the BUY + button and clicking on the DOWNLOADS tab. The download photo won't have the PhotoNews watermark on it and you can share it, print it (non-web versions of the photo) or display it on any social media platform like @ruairifit did below on Instagram.

Check to see if we have that a great shot of you running in rain in the 2016 Illinois Marathon photo gallery for you to share, too. You can always share links to your favorites on Facebook, Twitter and more any time.

Don't see a photo of you in our gallery? Send us your bib# and someone will search our library for them at contact us!

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