June 30, 2017

Flashback Friday: The muddiest football game in our files

This week's Flashback Friday features the muddiest football games PhotoNews Media ever covered that had been hidden in our archives. Back in 2004 St. Joseph-Ogden traveled to Marshall to take on the Lions. That fall, southern Illinois saw a substantial, if not record, amount of rainfall making the high school football a pigpen. There places along the sidelines and on the field that one could stand angle deep in heavy mud.

Here are five photos from our newspaper coverage by Clark Brooks of this epic contest that ended in the Spartans' favor, 7-3. Want to see more photos from the game that were published more than 12 years ago? There are 23 more muddy photo of players slipping and sliding up and down the field. Follow this link to the complete collection here . . .

Spartan running back Mark Gones makes muddy tracks for a first down
With a large hole created by teammates Ben Gorman [51] and Nick Bialeschki [50], Spartan running back Mark Gones makes muddy tracks for a first down.

Kyle Wagehoft washes away mud and dirt from his face
Spartan Kyle Wagehoft takes a mid-game shower to remove mud and grime from his face.

Ben Gorman, now an assistant with the SJO program, makes a solo tackle
Spartans' Ben Gorman makes a solo stop bringing down Lions' running back Levi Gard. The 7-3 victory advanced SJO to a quarterfinal showdown against the Unity Rockets in the 2004 IHSA playoffs. Today, Gorman is one of the assistant coaches for the St. Joseph-Ogden football program.

Andrew Kidd wraps up Lions' Casey Leinberger
Nearly forcing a fumble on the play, senior defensive end Andrew Kidd [95] wraps up Lions' Casey Leinberger. Making play after play, Kidd's defensive effort helped lead St. Joseph-Ogden past Marshall on an otherwise beautiful November day.

Mud covered Ryan Barnes flaps his arms to rally fans
Mud covered and determined to advance to the next round of the IHSA football playoffs, Ryan Barnes flaps his arms in the air to get St. Joseph-Ogden fans and the team's bench players to cheer on his fellow teammates on the field. Barnes made two key fourth-quarter defensive plays to help St. Joseph-Ogden beat Marshall and set up a quarterfinal playoff match-up against the Unity Rockets.

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