June 12, 2017

Pretty Boy Blue: Coming of age story by Monika Pickett

Last week, Monika Pickett's debut title, PRETTY BOY BLUE, hit the digital bookshelf. Pickett, an Army veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm and went on to earn both a MBA and a Masters of Human Services degree, penned the book "... to create understanding, communication and compassion between LGBTQ young adults and their families. Although the country is moving towards equality, there are many individuals who suffer in silence," she said in a prepared release.

The story, some of which is based on the author's own life, focuses on the main character Nikki Blue, who intrinsically knows she is different from other girls but dreams of a white picket fence and a wife. While she looks like a debutante, she is as presumptuous and arrogant as any wealthy college boy — a dichotomy that makes her both mystifying and alluring. According to the press release, Pickett's tale doesn’t shy away from describing Nikki Blue’s moments pain and passion. Despite being abandoned by her biological father and her mother’s denial of her life's choices, a stepfather convinces her to join the military to further her journey of self-discovery.

PRETTY BOY BLUE released by Next Level Publishing is available on Amazon.com and on the book's website PrettyBoyBlue.com.

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