August 17, 2017

More than 420 local students earn spot on Illinois' Dean List

More than 400 of the 6,208 students on this spring's University of Illinois Dean’s List call Champaign-Urbana home. Dean’s List eligibility is limited to the top 20 percent of a student’s college class or curriculum. To be eligible, students must complete at least 14 academic semester hours taken for a letter grade. Courses graded credit/no credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, and test-based credit that is graded pass/fail is not considered for this academic recognition.

Below are the student honorees for the Spring 2017 semester listed in alphabetical order by last name. Click here to see the complete list of names released by the University earlier today.


Michael Abir, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Emily Ade, Junior, Savoy, (ACES - Agricultural Leadership & Science Education & Sci Educ)

Nuraini Aguse, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Kareem Al-Qadi, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Emily Alameda, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - General Curriculum)

Christy Allen, Sophomore, Arthur, (Media - Agricultural Communications)

Mary Anastasia, Senior, Champaign, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Irene Andsager, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Physics)

Mariam Arif, Freshman, Champaign, (LAS - Biochemistry)

Bethany Ash, Senior, Mansfield, (ACES - Agricultural Leadership & Science Education & Sci Educ)

Connor Aubry, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Adam Auten, Senior, Monticello, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Jee Won Bae, Sophomore, Champaign, (AHS - Community Health)

Thomas Bane, Senior, Mahomet, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Adam Bengtson, Senior, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Architectural Studies)

Debora Bernal, Senior, Urbana, (AHS - Community Health)

Joseph Bernard, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Blake Berry, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Yuan Bian, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Hannah Bodine, Senior, Monticello, (AHS - Recreation, Sport & Tourism)

Vance Bollinger, Senior, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Music Education)

Chandler Bollman, Junior, Philo, (Engineering - Industrial Engineering)

Jillian Borukhovich, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Creative Writing)

Lillian Bost, Freshman, Champaign, (LAS - Political Science)

Bailey Branch, Junior, Monticello, (AHS - Recreation, Sport & Tourism)

John Brighton, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Speech Communication)

Logan Brodhead, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Aerospace Engineering)

Aleyna Brunner, Junior, Mahomet, (LAS - Integrative Biology)

Vivian Bui, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Community Health)

Mason Bushell, Sophomore, Mahomet, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Nora Buss, Senior, Urbana, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Robert Butler, Senior, Mahomet, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Matthew Campbell, Junior, Mahomet, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Brian Campbell-Deem, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Engineering Physics)

Katherine Carroll, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Aerospace Engineering)

Madeleine Chalifoux, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Chemical Engineering)

Matthew Chang, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Roberto Chapa, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Benjamin Chapman, Junior, Mahomet, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Nathaniel Chapman, Junior, Mahomet, (LAS - Statistics & Computer Science)

Chuhan Chen, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Mu Chen, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Royce Chen, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Chemical Engineering)

Shuang Chen, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Shulei Chen, Sophomore, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Xuenan Chen, Sophomore, Urbana, (ACES - Animal Sciences)

Yanjun Chen, Sophomore, Urbana, (Engineering - Engineering Physics)

Yi Tang Chen, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Statistics)

Yinuo Chen, Junior, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - Graphic Design)

Chin-Yu Cheng, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Yilan Cheng, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Mykola Chernyashevskyy, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Engineering Physics)

Eunyeong Choi, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Communication)

Useok Choi, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Economics)

Janice Choo, Senior, Savoy, (LAS - Chemistry)

Emily Chou, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Yajie Chu, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Da Chun, Junior, Savoy, (LAS - Communication)

Hae Woo Chung, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Ruth Chung, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - English)

Ruby Clark, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Artemis Comet, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Kenneth Cooley, Senior, St. Joseph, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Daniel Crowley, Senior, Champaign, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Andrea Cunningham, Freshman, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Jerrol Davis, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Anthropology)

Tyler Dean, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Aerospace Engineering)

David Del Toro, Freshman, Steger, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Courtney Delaney, Junior, Fisher, (ACES - ACE )

Abagail Demlow, Junior, Champaign, (AHS - Community Health)

Haowen Deng, Freshman, Urbana, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Cassidy DeSantis, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Recreation, Sport & Tourism)

Wyatt Dillman, Senior, Ogden, (ACES - Agricultural & Consumer Economics )

Adrian DiMelis, Senior, Champaign, (Media - News-Editorial)

Tianli Ding, Freshman, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Anna Dmitrieva, Sophomore, Savoy, (LAS - Biology)

Dawson Dodds, Sophomore, Tolono, (Engineering - Aerospace Engineering)

Dawson Dodds, 2, Tolono, (Engineering - Aerospace Engineering)

Emily Doehring, Senior, Savoy, (LAS - Linguistics)

Makayla Dorsey, Freshman, Urbana, (LAS - History)

Katherine Douglas, Sophomore, Monticello, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Joseph Edwards, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Integrative Biology)

Caitlin Elliott, Sophomore, Urbana, (Media - Media and Cinema Studies)

Tsengel Enkhamgalan, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Global Studies)

Tate Estes, Senior, Fisher, (ACES - Technical Systems Management)

Lyndon Fabi, Freshman, Champaign, (LAS - Biochemistry)

Zaki Fakhouri, Sophomore, Champaign, (AHS - Recreation, Sport & Tourism)

Xinying Fang, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Economics)

Ruby Fernandez Rivera, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Community Health)

Gregory Fields, Junior, Savoy, (Engineering - Engineering Physics)

Shannon Finet, Senior, Monticello, (ACES - Animal Sciences)

Ryan Finley, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Kelly Flanigan, Senior, Champaign, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Emily Foley, Senior, Monticello, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Annalea Forrest, Junior, Champaign, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Carly Frerichs, Freshman, Ogden, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Jefferson Fu, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Psychology)

Kailang Fu, Sophomore, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Marie-Rose Fuchs, Sophomore, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Lauren Gable, Junior, Urbana, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Abby Gaffner, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Maanav Ganjoo, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Chemical Engineering)

Yangwei Gao, Junior, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - Architectural Studies)

Jacob Garwin, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Biochemistry)

Alexander Gatten, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Andreas Giakas, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Nuclear, Plasma & Radiological Engineering)

Trevor Giannetti, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Aerospace Engineering)

Chase Gladish, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Pascale Grant, Freshman, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - Graphic Design)

Gabrielle Greaser, Sophomore, Champaign, (AHS - Speech & Hearing Science)

Cory Green, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Integrative Biology)

Nicholas Griffith, Sophomore, Fisher, (LAS - Biochemistry)

Tianqi Gu, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Physics)

Mingming Gui, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Sudeep Gummadi, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Yuehe Guo, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Isaak Haberman, Junior, Mahomet, (ACES - Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences)

Krista Habing, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Cole Hagan, Freshman, Champaign, (Business - Curriculum Unassigned)

Avni Hajela, Junior, Urbana, (ACES - Animal Sciences)

Dylan Hamilton, Junior, Champaign, (AHS - Recreation, Sport & Tourism)

Qiaochu Han, Freshman, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Sara Haney, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Earth, Society & Environment)

Aidan Healy, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Psychology)

Alyssa Heiser, Junior, Mahomet, (ACES - ACE )

Landon Hess, Sophomore, Mahomet, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Ansel Higgs, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Sawyer Hoffman, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Systems Engineering and Design)

Mohammad Hosseini-Joujili, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Anne Hou, Senior, Champaign, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Kelsey Howard, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Psychology)

Zihan Huang, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Finance)

Mary Hummel, Senior, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Graphic Design)

Tara Ibrahim, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Saym Imtiaz, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Aerospace Engineering)

Melanie Iverson, Senior, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - Graphic Design)

Sahana Jain, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Brandon Jarot, Senior, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - Music Education)

Yuyao Jia, Sophomore, Urbana, (ACES - Agricultural & Biological Engineering)

Xinyu Jiang, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Yancheng Jiang, Junior, Champaign, (ACES - ACE )

Joy Jin, Junior, Champaign, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Peng Jin, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Actuarial Science)

Andrew Johnson, Sophomore, Champaign, (ACES - ACE )

Kathryn Johnson-Monfort, Junior, Mahomet, (LAS - English)

Alyssa Jones, Junior, Urbana, (ACES - Animal Sciences)

Sangyun Joung, Senior, Savoy, (LAS - Psychology)

Joshua Justus, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Communication)

Clarissa Kamajaya, Junior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

August Kasten, Freshman, Champaign, (Engineering - Nuclear, Plasma & Radiological Engineering)

Utsav Kawrani, Freshman, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Jacob Keller, Freshman, Mahomet, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Regan Kelley, Senior, Philo, (AHS - Speech & Hearing Science)

Aamir Khan, Senior, Urbana, (AHS - Recreation, Sport & Tourism)

Elizabeth Kim, Sophomore, Savoy, (Fine & Applied Arts - Instrumental Music)

Jaewoo Kim, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Lauren Kirby, Sophomore, Tolono, (LAS - Communication)

Lauren Kirby, 2, Tolono, (LAS - Communication)

Julie Klein, Senior, Urbana, (ACES - Animal Sciences)

Lauren Klindworth, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Alyssa Knights, Sophomore, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Photography)

Andrew Knipfer, Senior, St. Joseph, (Business - Finance)

Philip Kocheril, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Chemistry)

Colin Kolodziej, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Political Science)

Sai Sri Kondabattula, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Wesley Kramer, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Angela Kucharski, Junior, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Music Education)

Husain Kurawadwala, Junior, Urbana, (ACES - Technical Systems Management)

Nicholas Kyburz, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Economics)

Kami Lafoon, Senior, Champaign, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Tilo Lamken, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Biochemistry)

Isabel Lammers, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Kayla Lampert, Junior, Monticello, (Education - Middle Grades Education)

Micah Lange, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Industrial Engineering)

Christine Lannon, 3, Sidney, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Maria Laros, Freshman, Champaign, (LAS - Psychology)

Ali Lasemi, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Biology)

Rachel Lawless, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Tam Le, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Thien Le, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Math & Computer Science)

David Lee, Freshman, Champaign, (LAS - Political Science)

Jong Yoon Lee, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Justin Lee, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Psychology)

Kevin Lee, Freshman, Champaign, (Business - Curriculum Unassigned)

Sarah Lee, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Psychology)

Samuel Leroy, Junior, Champaign, (Business - Marketing)

Jarrett Leuck, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Engineering Physics)

Kristen Leuck, Senior, Champaign, (ACES - Animal Sciences)

Haoxiang Li, Sophomore, Urbana, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Philip Li, Sophomore, Urbana, (LAS - Mathematics)

Qianqian Li, Sophomore, Urbana, (LAS - Mathematics)

Xiahe Li, Junior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Yucheng Liang, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Zhiming Liao, Sophomore, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Athena Lin, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Qiaoqian Lin, Sophomore, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Yunxuan Lin, Junior, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Industrial Design)

Chen Liu, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Jingfei Liu, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Mathematics)

Mengxiong Liu, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Ruinan Liu, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Economics)

Siyu Liu, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Xinyu Liu, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Mathematics)

Zizhen Liu, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Atrous Lollar, Senior, Urbana, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

David Long, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Jiayi Lu, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Qiuchen Lu, Junior, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Yichu Lu, Junior, Champaign, (ACES - Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences)

Yingyue Luan, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Actuarial Science)

Hildegard Luijten, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Global Studies)

Ly Luu, Senior, Urbana, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Didrick Manahan, Freshman, Urbana, (Engineering - Industrial Engineering)

Naif Mansury, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Xiudong Mao, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Darrian March, Freshman, Monticello, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Keeley Martell, Junior, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

McKenzie Martin, Senior, Tolono, (ACES - HDFS)

McKenzie Martin, 4, Tolono, (ACES - HDFS)

Raymond Martin, Senior, Savoy, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Miles Mbo Masaka, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Michelle McGrew, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Earth, Society & Environment)

Abby McNutt, 3, Gibson City, (Business - Marketing)

Yuriy McPheron, Senior, Urbana, (Media - Advertising)

Ruoyu Meng, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Mathematics)

Dyna Miandabu Mulunda, Junior, Urbana, (AHS - Community Health)

Andrew Miller, Junior, Champaign, (ACES - ACE )

Emilee Miller, Sophomore, Mahomet, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Cristie Mills, Junior, Savoy, (LAS - Communication)

Yuhao Min, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Chemistry)

Patrick Minsker, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Krishna Mittal, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Casey Modglin, Freshman, St. Joseph, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Konrad Mogielnicki, Sophomore, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Jessica Mondello, Senior, Monticello, (ACES - Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences)

Kelsey Moore, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Community Health)

Safia Motan, Senior, Champaign, (Education - Elementary Education)

Nicole Murray, Senior, Champaign, (ACES - Animal Sciences)

Michael Neal, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Jacob Neethling, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Biochemistry)

Lily Newton, Junior, Mahomet, (Fine & Applied Arts - Theatre)

Xueting Nie, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Julia Nikolaeva, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Psychology)

Elizabeth O'Brien, Freshman, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - Instrumental Music)

Margaret O'Mahoney, Sophomore, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - New Media)

Elise Olmstead, Senior, Champaign, (ACES - Animal Sciences)

Annabel Olson, Freshman, Monticello, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Savannah Ortiz, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Eric Pahre, Senior, Champaign, (Media - Media and Cinema Studies)

Pranav Pamidighantam, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Halim Park, Freshman, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Woo Young Park, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Jonathan Parrott, Sophomore, Urbana, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Benjamin Parsons, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Biology)

Kaidong Peng, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Alaina Peterson, Senior, Champaign, (Education - Elementary Education)

Amber Phillips, Junior, Champaign, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Melissa Pietrowicz, Junior, Mahomet, (AHS - Speech & Hearing Science)

Christopher Piper, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Political Science)

Travis Pittman, Sophomore, Monticello, (AHS - Recreation, Sport & Tourism)

Haley Plattner, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Chemistry)

Margaret Potter, Senior, Urbana, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Raebekkah Pratt-Clarke, Junior, Urbana, (AHS - Recreation, Sport & Tourism)

Lacy Pruitt, 4, Sidney, (ACES - Agricultural Leadership & Science Education & Sci Educ)

Yujia Qiu, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Zachary Quarton, Freshman, Urbana, (Business - Information Systems & Information Technology)

Anil Radhakrishnan, Freshman, Urbana, (LAS - Physics)

Mohamed Radwan, Sophomore, Urbana, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Carmen Rast, Senior, Champaign, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Mohit Rawat, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Eric Ray, Senior, Savoy, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Suzanne Reardanz, Junior, Champaign, (Education - Middle Grades Education)

Jacob Reed, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Sociology)

Lyle Regenwetter, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Xinrui Ren, Junior, Savoy, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Olivia Reynen, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Industrial Engineering)

Thomas Roadcap, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Audrey Rodawig, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Speech & Hearing Science)

Yang Rong, Sophomore, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

George Ruan, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Avalon Ruby, Freshman, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - Industrial Design)

Michael Ruby, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - History)

Jacob Rudisill, Senior, Tolono, (ACES - HDFS)

Bara Saadah, Senior, Savoy, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Mariam Saadah, Senior, Savoy, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Siti Nur Jelita Sabran, Junior, Urbana, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Dong Jae Sagong, Sophomore, Urbana, (LAS - Chemistry)

Tian Sang, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Eric Schaefer, Senior, Champaign, (ACES - ACE )

Fernanda Schaefer, Senior, Champaign, (Media - Advertising)

Mariah Schaefer, Senior, Champaign, (Media - Journalism)

Mary Schiavone, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - English)

Aaron Schluter, Freshman, Urbana, (Business - Curriculum Unassigned)

Brent Schluter, Junior, Urbana, (Business - Accountancy)

Jennifer Schmitt, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Benjamin Schreiber, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Sarah Schuh, Senior, Mahomet, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Cameron Schwing, Senior, Fisher, (LAS - Integrative Biology)

Raimi Shah, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Humna Shahid, Senior, Urbana, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Hua Shao, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Nicholas Shapland, 2, Sidney, (LAS - Political Science)

Heather Sheahan, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Gender and Women's Studies)

Alec Shedelbower, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Yen-Ching Shih, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Marshall Shriner, Sophomore, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Leah Siegel, Sophomore, Champaign, (ACES - HDFS)

Luie Siegel, Freshman, Champaign, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Madeline Sievers, Sophomore, Fisher, (Media - Advertising)

Averi Simpson, Junior, Savoy, (Media - Advertising)

Barghav Sivaguru, Junior, Mahomet, (LAS - Political Science)

Vignesh Sivaguru, Junior, Mahomet, (LAS - Political Science)

Adeline Snagel, Junior, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Theatre)

Thomas Song, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Susan Spencer, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Cameron Stahl, Sophomore, Monticello, (ACES - Crop Sciences)

Morgan Standley, Senior, Champaign, (Education - Early Childhood Education)

Clarissa Stanhope, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Community Health)

Robert Stavins, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Daniel Stelzer, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Austin Stilger, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Katelyn Stoker, Junior, Philo, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Aneta Strama, Junior, Champaign, (AHS - Community Health)

Mariya Sturdyvin, Junior, Champaign, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Kewei Sui, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Kathleen Sullivan, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Chemistry)

Brian Summers, Senior, Urbana, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Andrew Sun, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Rongyi Sun, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Xiaoyi Sun, Sophomore, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Morgan Sutherland, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Omar Taha, Sophomore, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Ziwei Tan, Sophomore, Champaign, (Business - Marketing)

Edward Tang, Sophomore, Champaign, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Reagan Tapley, Junior, Savoy, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Peter Tatkowski, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Lincoln Taylor, Sophomore, Urbana, (LAS - Integrative Biology)

Stephanie Teeling, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Krishna Thaker, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Nikhil Thope, Sophomore, Savoy, (LAS - Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Zikang Tong, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Ayberk Tosun, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Computer Sci & Linguistics)

Ashley Travis, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - English)

Breonna Urich, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Hannah Varner, Junior, Fisher, (LAS - Integrative Biology)

Maria Velasco Delgado, Senior, Champaign, (ACES - Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences)

Seth Waibel, Senior, Mahomet, (ACES - Technical Systems Management)

Alexis Walker, Sophomore, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Theatre)

Devin Walker, Senior, Tolono, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Devin Walker, 4, Tolono, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Hannah Walker, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Delaney Walsh, Junior, Champaign, (ACES - HDFS)

Jackrin Walsh, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Civil Engineering)

Chun Wang, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Haoxiang Wang, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Physics)

Haoyu Wang, Freshman, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Jingwen Wang, Freshman, Urbana, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Lijun Wang, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Physics)

Qiaochu Wang, Freshman, Urbana, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Selena Wang, Sophomore, Champaign, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Sibo Wang, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Computer Sci & Astronomy)

Sunyu Wang, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Mechanical Engineering)

Xiantong Wang, Freshman, Savoy, (ACES - Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences)

Xue Wang, Senior, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Urban Planning)

Yongqing Wang, Freshman, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Yu Wang, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Yuqiong Wang, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Finance)

Yuxuan Wang, Sophomore, Champaign, (ACES - ACE )

Zihan Wang, Sophomore, Urbana, (LAS - Math & Computer Science)

Haley Ware, Sophomore, Mahomet, (ACES - Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences)

Garret Waterstradt, Senior, Savoy, (AHS - Kinesiology)

Jossemia Webster, Sophomore, Champaign, (AHS - Speech & Hearing Science)

Taylor Wegner, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - English)

Shoham Weiss, Freshman, Champaign, (LAS - Physics)

Adrian Wells, Sophomore, Mahomet, (Engineering - Engineering Undeclared)

Danielle Williams, Senior, Urbana, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Evan Wojciechowski, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Physics)

Gabrielle Wolter, Senior, Monticello, (Engineering - Bioengineering)

Katelyn Wonderlin, Senior, Mahomet, (LAS - Spanish)

Henry Woo, Senior, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Logan Woodward, Junior, Urbana, (ACES - Crop Sciences)

Shannon Woolcott, Junior, Champaign, (School of Social Work - Social Work)

Andrea Worthington, Freshman, Champaign, (Fine & Applied Arts - Graphic Design)

Huiyu Wu, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Zixuan Wu, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

Tana Wuren, Senior, Urbana, (LAS - Statistics)

Linyin Xiao, Junior, Champaign, (Business - Finance)

Junyao Xie, Junior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Yanyi Xie, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Economics)

Ying Xie, Freshman, Champaign, (Media - Advertising)

Yifan Xing, Junior, Urbana, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Haichuan Xu, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Ke Xu, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Yue Xu, Freshman, Champaign, (ACES - Food Science & Human Nutrition)

Zhe Xu, Sophomore, Urbana, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Tianshu Yang, Freshman, Urbana, (LAS - Psychology)

Xinyuan Yang, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Statistics)

Xizi Yang, Freshman, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Ziqian Yang, Senior, Urbana, (Business - Accountancy)

Bethany Yao, Senior, Urbana, (Engineering - Computer Science)

Minyang Ye, Freshman, Urbana, (LAS - Physics)

Jinglei Yin, Freshman, Champaign, (General Studies - Undeclared)

Hwanjun Yoo, Senior, Champaign, (Business - Marketing)

Megan York, Senior, Tolono, (Media - Media and Cinema Studies)

Megan York, 4, Tolono, (Media - Media and Cinema Studies)

Rana Youssef, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Biology)

Sara Youssef, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Biology)

Yixiang Yu, Junior, Urbana, (LAS - Statistics & Computer Science)

Coltrane Zerai-Che, Freshman, Champaign, (Media - Journalism)

Chi Zhang, Junior, Urbana, (Engineering - Engineering Mechanics)

Mingxi Zhang, Sophomore, Urbana, (LAS - Physics)

Peiwen Zhang, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Mathematics)

Ruiling Zhang, Senior, Champaign, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Ruisi Zhang, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Economics)

Siqiong Zhang, Freshman, Champaign, (LAS - Economics)

Zhekun Zhang, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Math & Computer Science)

Zijian Zhang, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Economics)

An Zhao, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Electrical Engineering)

Shuoran Zhao, Junior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Junyi Zhou, Senior, Urbana, (Business - Accountancy)

Minyue Zhou, Sophomore, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Qingyuan Zhou, Junior, Urbana, (Fine & Applied Arts - Architectural Studies)

Shun Zhou, Junior, Champaign, (LAS - Psychology)

Quanyin Zhu, Junior, Champaign, (Media - Advertising)

Weikun Zhu, Senior, Champaign, (LAS - Chemical Engineering)

Xiyu Zhu, Junior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Zeran Zhu, Junior, Champaign, (Engineering - Computer Engineering)

Zheshu Zhu, Sophomore, Urbana, (LAS - Anthropology)

Nicole Zimmer, Sophomore, Urbana, (AHS - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences)

Peiyun Zou, Sophomore, Champaign, (LAS - Mathematics)

Tianyu Zou, Junior, Champaign, (Business - Accountancy)

Julia Zuo, Senior, Champaign, (Engineering - Materials Science & Engineering)

*** Note: The city listed for each honoree was provided to the university by the students and may appear on this list because they submitted a campus address as their home address.

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