July 3, 2019

Wayback Wednesday: The inaugural Gifford 5K

Top left:Roger Perry dumps a cup of water on his head as he runs the last 300 meters of his race in the Gifford Community Festival 5K on June 27 in 2009. He finished the race with a time of 29:26:00. Top right:Connor Millar, from Rantoul, heads to the finish line unchallenged on his way to 18:04:00 first place finish to become the first overall champion for the event. Below:Rob Darr runs to a 19th place finish. He finished the race with a time of 29:59:00.

Rob Darr running in the 2009 Gifford 5K

See all 86 photos from the race that were added back to the PhotoNews media online archive this morning by following this link, 2009 Gifford 5K.

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