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Unfortunately, we have very limited space online to display the vast number of great photos documenting and memorializing the achievements, big and small, of area athletes for more than a decade. With more than two million photos in the PhotoNews Media photo archive, it takes time to locate images, process them for display and format a gallery for viewers in our online archive.

The fee for a photo archive search is a non-refundable $35.00 payable in advance using the form below.

Should we find 14 or fewer photos from the event, of the team or of the individual athlete requested, a 100% refund will be issued. No and-ifs-or-buts. We'll promptly refund the fee via the same method of payment. The photographs located during the search will be processed and displayed at no charge in the appropriate areas of the PhotoNews online photo archive where photos may be viewed and ordered if desired.

Should the archivist find 15 or more photos are during the search, the images will be displayed in a personal online gallery and requester will receive a $35.00 credit toward the purchase of photographic prints or instant digital file downloads from the gallery. The credit is valid for 90 days and must be used by that time after which the credit balance is canceled. Sorry, there are no refunds, extensions or credits for remaining a balance after 90 days.

Have more questions? Just ask us here via email here; Archive Search Questions. While you are waiting for our reply or if you want to check it out first to make sure your question hasn't already been asked, check out the Archive Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

What's the process? Here's a step-by-step guide.

1. If you are on the fence about having a photo search done, check here first. While the Event Catalog is not complete at this time, it might give you a feel of if we have the pictures you might be looking for or not. Remember, if there are fewer than 15 photos in our files, the search is free!

2. Fill out the Photo Archive Search Request From below. Once the form and payment has been processed it should take 3-5 days under normal conditions. During certain time of year when there are lots of events for us to cover for our newspaper clients, the search could take up to 10 days. If it takes us longer than 10 days to complete the search, we'll refund the fee you paid and do the search anyway.

3. Once the images have been located and processed for web viewing, you will receive a notification that the photos are ready for viewing. You will also receive a coupon code with a credit for the amount of the search fee paid if there are more than 15 images. 

If there are fewer than 15 photos available, the search fee will be refunded and you will receive a discount coupon code to be used on any order made within seven days of the gallery posting.

4. Next, you can order prints - get 8x10 prints because PhotoNews photos look great in nice frames on the wall - or share the gallery and photos with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Just remember to use your coupon codes before they expire; we would rather you had lots of nice pictures for your scrapbook.

Photo Archive Search Request Form

Fill out the information below and click "Pay Now" to get the ball rolling!

Enter start year from 2000-09
For years starting 2010
Event, Team or Athletes Name
Jersey / Bib Number(s)

Please contact us here with photo search requests for events prior to the 2007 calendar year.


• Successful archive searches will remain online for a period 36 months. Galleries and/or photos with very little viewing activity may be removed without notice to make room for new photos and archive requests. Canceled galleries and photos may be reinstated at any time. A small service fee may be billed to restore the gallery.

• If there are 15 or more photos available, the photos will be displayed and requester will receive a $35.00 credit toward the future purchase of photographic prints or digital files. The credit may also be used to purchase photographic images in other galleries or sections of the online archive. The credit, in the form of a coupon code, is valid for 90 days and is in no way redeemable for actual cash. If not used within the allotted time, the code and any remaining credit will be canceled. There are no refunds, extensions or credits for remaining a balance after 90 days.

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