July 20, 2017

Champaign electronics recycling registration opens early September

If you are like hundreds of other people in Champaign County you probably have an old television or computer monitor laying around that you need to get out of the basement or garage and into the trash. Saturday, October 14, 2017, is your next opportunity to chuck it and other unwanted electronic devices at the Electronics Collection and Recycling event at Parkland College in Champaign.

Advance registration, which must be completed online (recycling registration event site) and required prior to dropping off items, opens on September 5 at 8am. A resident can only register once, however additional residents from the same address may also submit a registration requests through the site. Once the online form is successfully completed, residents should receive confirmation email or text and a postcard by mail a week prior to the drop off on Saturday.

There is a two TV limit per card and a ten item limit per trip. Other allowable items include video game consoles; desktop and laptops computers; computer networking cables, switches and hubs; telephones; microwaves; and office machines. A complete list of acceptable items can be found here.

Light bulbs, air conditioning units and other Freon based units like refrigerators and freezer will not be accepted at the event.

The event will run rain, lightning, snow - heavens forbid - or shine. Volunteers and staff will help remove items from vehicles to help keep traffic moving as quickly as possible.

For more information visit the Champaign Public Works web page here.

July 18, 2017

Ten new galleries updated

Last week, more than a dozen new photo galleries were added to our online photo archive. The majority of the photographs, from our sports coverage back in 2014, are from the Illinois High School Association state track and state golf finals.

While we captured once in a lifetime moment of the hundreds of athletes for every event, our focus was primarily on runners and players from schools like Kaneland, New Trier, Loyola, Illini West and Rockridge as well as competitors representing from St. Charles, the Quad Cities area and the Lincoln-Way schools.

Saturday Girls State Track Gallery
While Glenbard South's Katelyn Hill and Taylor Ray make their exchange, Kaneland's Allie Heinzer takes a handoff from teammate Carly Elliott in the Class 2A 4x100-Meter Relay at the IHSA state track and field finals on Saturday. The Knights finished the race in sixth place while Rich South crossed the finish line in seventh place. 391 photos from Saturday Girls State Track at Eastern Illinois University. (Photo: PhotoNews/Clark Brooks).

State Track • May 20, 2014
May 30, 2014 - Charleston, IL - Sycamore's Dion Hooker runs to a first place in his heat of the 100-Meter Dash during the IHSA State Track and Field preliminaries on Friday. He advanced to Saturday's finals in the event. Click here for more photos from the May 2014 Friday Boys State Track meet.

Class 1A Prelims • May 22, 2014
May 22, 2014 - Charleston, IL - Erie's Heather Strike runs her leg of the Class 1A 4x200-Meter Relay prelims at the IHSA state track and field meet on Thursday. The Panthers qualified for Saturday's finals with a time of 1:46.75. See more photos from Friday's Clas 2A and 3A Thursday Girls State Track preliminary races.

Friday State Track • May 23, 2014
May 23, 2014 - Charleston, IL - Jersey's Sydney Jones sails through the air will competing in the Class 2A Long Jump during Friday's preliminary competition. She went on to take fourth place with her best jump out to 36 feet, 5.25 inches. See the complete gallery here in the 05-23-14 Friday Girls State Track. [Photo: Douglas Cottle/PhotoNews]

Senior Night Sports Posters
Ryan Reitmeier is a senior and member of the 2010-2011 Unity Rocket soccer team. This custom designed poster was commissioned by his parents and presented during the team's senior day recognition at the final home game in October of 2011. Check more than 150 more custom sports posters in our Senior Salon.

Cross-Country Poster Gallery
This gallery is still under construction but don't let that stop you from viewing four of may a dozen or so large format sport art pieces created by designer Clark Brooks. See the three other photo here in the Cross Country Salon today.

State Golf • October 18, 2014
Andrew Nelson, from Batavia High School, hit the ball out of a sand trap during the second round at the Illinois High School Association's state golf tournament on Saturday, October 18. Nelson, a junior, finished his second round with a two-day total of 169 finishing tied for 96th place. (Photo: PhotoNews Photo/Clark Brooks) View more photos from the Saturday's final round in the 10-18-14 Boys State Golf gallery.

State Golf • October 17, 2014
Beechers' Michael Barber tees off on the third fairway during opening round action at the Illinois High School Association's Class 1A state golf tournament at Prairie Vista on Friday. Barber went on to finish fifth in a three-way tie after shooting a 151 at the two-day prep golf tournament. See 52 more photos from the day in our gallery here:10-17-14 Boys State Golf.

Rockets vs Bruins • November 1, 2014
Chandler Cousins is wrapped up by Bruins' Justin Shaw during first half action in their Class 3A first round playoff game on Saturday. Thanks to an explosive second half effort, the Unity Rockets roll to 34-18 win over visiting St. Bede. View 72 more action photos herein the 11-01-14 Unity vs St. Bede game gallery.

IHSA State Cross-Country • November 8, 2014
November 8, 2014 - East Peoria, IL - Jacobs's Lauren Van Vlierbergen completes her second lap of her run in the Class 3A girls' race at the IHSA State Cross-Country Meet on Saturday. The senior went on to take second place out of more than 200 finishers crossing the finish line at 16:48. See more PhotoNews . . . State Cross Country Photos.

July 14, 2017

Flashback Friday: senior sports art

It's Friday and that means it is time for another PhotoNews Flashback Friday feature. Earlier today, a collection of sports posters, close to 200 in all, was added here to our online archive. With more to come over the next couple of months, here's a look at some of our favorite designs commemorating achievements and careers of many of the athletes photographed during our sports coverage.

Ashley Runck-Krisman
Ashley Runck, St. Joseph-Ogden High School, 2007 Softball

Soccer player Noah Winn
Noah Winn, Unity High School, 2012 Soccer

Austin Earp
Austin Earp, St. Joseph-Ogden High School, 2016 Cross Country

STM soccer star Alex Sabol
Alex Sabol, School of St. Thomas More, 2013 Soccer

Jason JJ Johnson from SJO
Jason Johnson, St. Joseph-Ogden High School, 2005 Baseball

SJO football player Josh Dees
Josh Dees, St. Joseph-Ogden High School, 2009 Football

Unity soccer senior Ben Winn
Ben Winn, Unity High School, 2011 Soccer

Senior and future Olympian Chelsea Blaase
Chelsea Blaase, St. Joseph-Ogden High School, 2012 Track & Field

We need to learn to use the right door

by Glenn Mollette, Guest Commentator

For years now, I have witnessed the average American's issue with doors. Honestly, I don't think we will never figure out health care, Medicaid and most of our country's issues until we learn how to enter and exit buildings. Almost every day I will encounter someone who doesn't understand how to open a door.

For example if I am entering a building that has a double door, one to enter and one to exit, someone inevitably will always exit the door I am entering while I am trying to enter the door. Instead of opening their door which would be the door on their right or my left, they stand staring at me as if I am supposed to stop and not enter through my door but hold my door open so they can exit from my door.

I believe in being courteous but I can't figure out why so many people want to be discourteous toward me. I have a door to enter and they have a door to exit. I am opening my door and they simply have to open their door to exit. Instead, time and again they stand as if they are incapable or just too lazy to open their own door and expect me to hold my door open for them to exit instead of me entering through my door.

I see this on the flip side. Often when exiting a building someone who should be entering from the door on the left will see me opening my door on the right and instead of entering through their door will stand as if they are incapable of opening their door and will just barge on through the the door I have opened to exit.

This is all terribly uncouth. People simply need to learn to open their own door. Usually, if someone is entering a building and they are right behind me I open the door and motion for them to go ahead in front of me. I feel that is the polite thing to do. If I am exiting a building I am happy to step aside and let someone who is right behind me go first or even the door for him or her. If someone opens the door for me I am grateful and thank him or her for the courtesy.

I just can't understand people who barge through a door that someone else may have opened to enter or exit. They act as if it is their American right to be rude and crude and come on through the door someone else has opened and that the person should just stand and hold it open for them.

Maybe you haven't experienced this. I hope you aren't one of these door offenders because it's really inconsiderate of you if you are.

Some Americans have been taught that this is acceptable and is the American way to get ahead.

Simply barge, push ahead, break line and do whatever is necessary. Manners, courtesy and politeness are out of fashion. Often I find myself standing watching someone as they dart through the door I am entering or exiting because they simply did not want to open the other door. Usually I stand there and think, "Another idiot who doesn't know how to open a door," as they dart through mine without even a thank you but with the obvious expectation that someone is simply expected to hold the door open for them.

This kind of mindset may get you in the door or through the door but it's as far as it will get you. It won't get you invited to the dinner table and I wouldn't want to hire anybody like this who conducts themselves this way.

Don't barge through the door when other people are coming through the door. Use your own door to enter or exit. This is why these doors are installed.

One of the first steps to solving many of America's problems is learning how to enter and exit. After this, it will all be downhill.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated American columnist and author of American Issues, Every American Has An Opinion and ten other books. He is read in all 50 states. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily representative of any other group or organization.

This article is the sole opinions of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of PhotoNews Media. We welcome comments and views from our readers.


July 8, 2017

2013 football gallery is back

Nearly four years ago, the PhotoNews covered 16 prep football games during the 2013 season. Led by head coach Dick Duval, St. Joseph-Ogden (11-3) displayed grit and determination week after week earning a spot in the Class 3A title game against Stillman Valley. It was a controversial 43-41 overtime thriller with the Spartans coming up 2 points short of winning the programs first state title.

That season we shot four Unity football contest including both the regular season match-up between the Rockets and the St. Teresa Bulldogs and their first round IHSA playoff game on November 2. Unity prevailed in the second meeting 27-13 avenging their earlier 31-21 loss a few days shy of month earlier.

Besides Unity and St. Joe, we caught dozens of action images of players from Tuscola, Argenta-Oreana, Marshall, Greenville, Clifton Central and more. Check out all the photos in our republished gallery section here. Below are our editor's picks of some of the exciting photos from the season.

St. Joseph-Ogden's Seth Griswell
Greenville, IL - St. Joseph-Ogden's Seth Griswell celebrates his team's semifinal football victory over Greenville. The Spartans (11-2) have another week of football to play advancing to state title game on the campus of Northern Illinois University to face the Stillman Valley Cardinals. SJO beat heavily favored Greenville (12-1) on a frigid November day, 44-21. See the complete gallery from the game back in 2013 here.

Warrior quarterback Nick Bates get tackled
Rockets' Tyler Crowl and a teammate slams Warrior quarterback Nick Bates to the turf during first quarter action on September 6. Tuscola lost the road crossover conference football game to Unity, 35-26. See all the photos from the game here . . .

Unity junior Taylor White avoids a tackle by a St. Teresa defender for a long gain.
Unity junior Taylor White avoids a tackle by a St. Teresa defender for a long gain during their November playoff game at Hicks Field. The Rockets powered their way passed the Bulldogs during their Class 3A first round contest, 27-13. There are 213 more game photos in our republished gallery here . . .

SJO Orion Ciota
St. Joseph-Ogden's Orion Ciota looks for running room during SJO's road game against Carterville on September 7. In an exciting contest decided in the final minute of play, the Lions defeated the Spartans by one point, 36-35.

Greenville quarterback Tyler Hutchinson
Greenville quarterback Tyler Hutchinson drops back to pass against SJO in their Class 3A semifinal football game. St. Joseph-Ogden went on to defeat their opponent 44-21 advancing to state title game at Huskie Stadium to face the Stillman Valley Cardinals. The Comets' season closed with a 12-1 finish. Hutchinson threw for 236 yards and one touchdown in the game completing 19 of 44 passes. See 72 more photos from the game . . .

Williamsville's Ozzie Kent and Spartans' Nick Barnes go at it
Williamsville's Ozzie Kent and Spartans' Nick Barnes go at it in the trenches during second half action of their playoff game at St. Joseph-Ogden at high school on November 16. The Bullets, caught off guard by their opponent's aggressive pass rush, lost their Class 3A quarterfinal football game to SJO, 38-26. It was the third consecutive season the Bullets season came to an abrupt end in the quarterfinals. View all 16 galleries from the 2013 season here . . .