April 22, 2017

Area runners finish near the top at the Illinois Marathon

Last year, after winning the Illinois Marathon's 5K race, (John) Ryan Thompsen gave one of, if not the best, post-race interview in the history of mankind. It took a minute before the newscaster caught on to the Star Wars references Thompsen used to describe his motivation and race experience in the since deleted video by the local television station that aired it. The deadpan delivery was classic.

John Ryan Thompsen runs to a 4th place finish
Ryan Thompsen runs last few steps of the 23rd mile of his race during the 2017 Illinois Marathon. Thompsen finished in 4th place overall at 2:23:08. See more photos from this year's marathon run here . . . PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks

The Force was with Thompsen in his marathon debut on Saturday. The former St. Joseph-Ogden high school cross country and track stand out and former North Central College distance specialist, led the area residents to the finish line with a fourth place overall finish in the 26.2 mile race. Averaging 5:51 per mile, Thompsen crossed the finish line at 2:33:08 and was first out of 78 men in the 20-24 age division.

He finished just 11 minutes behind the overall champion Teferi Bacha Regasa. The Morristown, NJ, runner pulled away from Terre Haute based runner Kenneth Kosgei in the last two miles clocking in at 2:22:18. Kosgei finished second overall at 2:24:07. Third place went to Arturs Bareikis who was over the line at 2:30:56.

The next local runner to cross the finish line at Memorial Stadium was Urbana's Alan Zhou. Seventh overall and first in the Mens 19 & under division, he finished at 2:38:46.

Rachel Brewer wins women's title at Illinois Marathon Thirteenth overall, Rachel Brewer, from Tuscola, won the women's side of the race with a time of 2:47:26. The Illinois State University alumni was also first out of the 450 women who finished this year's race and was 13th overall.

While there was not a male from Champaign in the top 100 marathon finishers, Urbana was well-represented at the top.

Leon Dean, Eduardo Ledesma, Dalmau Reig-I-Plessis and Michael Davis turned times faster than three and half hours or better.

Dean was 52nd overall at 3:04:34 and was 10th in the Men's 25-29. Ledesma was not far behind at 3:05:27 good for 55th overall and third in the Men's 40-44 age group. Reig-I-Plessis strolled over the finish line 15th in the 25-29 age group and 64th overall at 3:08:05.

A little more than three minutes later Michael Davis completed the course at 3:11:31, good for 80th place overall and 15th place in 35-39 age division.

In addition to Brewer, four other area women finished the Illinois Marathon in the top 100. Allison Gibson and Lisa Zyga, both from Champaign, along with Tessa Hanlon and Tonya Nunn, both from Mahomet, also were top-3 finishers in their respective age groups.

Gibson finished first in the Women's 20-24 category at 3:13:35. Hanlon finished nearly eight minutes behind Gibson to take the bronze medal in their division.

Zyga beat 61 runners from her age group to the finish line at 3:19:54 in the Female 30-34 division. Meanwhile, Nunn took home a third-place medal after her 3:25:10 time in the Women's Masters category.

April 21, 2017

May 2010 photo catalog

Here is a listing of events covered by PhotoNews Media during the month of May in 2009. See if any of the photos on this list have been published yet by browsing our photo archive here: PhotoNews Media Photo Archive. Search by school, school nickname, date or athlete's name.

St. Joseph-Ogden's Ben Knipfer winds up for a pitch

May 4, 2009 - Oakwood, IL - St. Joseph-Ogden's Ben Knipfer winds up for a pitch against host Oakwood early Monday evening. Thanks to seven first inning runs, the Comets roll over the visiting Spartans, 11-0 in five innings.

May 2009

05-02-09 • Centennial Soccer vs Beecher
05-02-09 • Centennial JV Baseball vs Normal West
05-04-09 • St. Joseph-Ogden Baseball vs Oakwood
05-05-09 • Centennial Soccer vs Central
05-07-09 • St. Joseph-Ogden Softball vs Paxton-Buckley-Loda
05-09-09 • Driscoll vs Schlarman Baseball
05-09-09 • Driscoll vs Tuscola Baseball
05-09-09 • St. Joseph-Ogden vs Schlarman Baseball
05-09-09 • St. Joseph-Ogden vs Schlarman Softball
05-09-09 • St. Joseph-Ogden vs Tuscola Softball
05-11-09 • Sangamon Valley Conference Meet
05-12-09 • St. Joseph-Ogden SB-home vs St. Thomas More
05-14-09 • St. Joseph-Ogden SB-away vs St. Thomas More
05-16-09 • Unity Sectional Track Meet
05-18-09 • News-Gazette Honor Roll Meet
05-19-09 • Central vs Centennial Soccer Regional
05-19-09 • Mahomet-Seymour Soccer vs Danville Regional Match
05-19-09 • St. Joseph-Ogden Softball vs Georgetown-Ridge Farm
05-28-09 • Boys State Track
05-21-09 • Girls State Track

While there are still many, many months to be added, follow this link to see the entire PhotoNews event catalog.

May 2, 2009 - Champaign, IL - Champaign Centennial JV baseball player Trey Ballard watches his fly ball go up in the second game of their doubleheader. The Chargers fell 18-8 after six innings to visiting Normal West.

Don't see an event you are pretty sure we have photos from in the list above or in our online archive? Looking for pictures of a specific athlete? Go here to request an archive search: Archive Search Request.

April 18, 2017

We need help fast

by Glenn Mollette, Guest Commentator

The new medical insurance premium for my wife and I will be just a few dollars shy of $2,000 per month for 2017. This amounts to a total of $24,000 for the year. Should either of us have a serious illness or medical procedure then our out of pocket expense will be $11,000. Therefore we could potentially be out $35,000 in medical expenses in one year. I hope we aren't but the potential is always there. Of course, that would be better than a $100,000 medical expense or being shoved into bankruptcy because of medical bills. It is easy in today's world to rack up several hundred thousand dollars in medical expenses.

President Trump appears to be moving fast on his promises. I hope he acts fast on affordable health care because it's killing me.

I continue to hear from people who have achieved Social Security disability status. They were declared disabled by a doctor and were eventually legally approved. This not only means a nice monthly check from Social Security but it means medical care provided by the American taxpayers. Sadly, there are lots of reports of people who have obtained crooked attorneys with connections to crooked doctors who know a crooked Judge who help them get approved for disabled Social Security. I'm for anybody that is truly disabled to have this help from the American taxpayers. It's bad for America when people lie and fake an illness to get a disability check. Unfortunately when the government is writing checks multitudes line up to get their share whether they deserve it or not.

If I live a few more years I can apply for a full Social Security check and I will have Medicare. We will only have to pay for my wife's medical insurance for a little while and thus life will go on. The point is that most of us are feeling the pain of health insurance costs. Mr. President we need help fast.

Hospitals and doctors have been gouging the government and insurance companies for a long time. For years the government and insurance companies have paid it but things are changing some. Insurance companies are no longer paying for everything or paying the full price they are being charged. One doctor recently told me that he has to bill the insurance company about three times more than he would normally charge a patient to just receive close to the amount he needs for a procedure.

While our new government leadership is supposedly working on a plan to fix medical care they need to fix the rising cost of a college education. Too many college graduates are racking up $60,000 to over $100,000 in debt with horrendous interest rates being charged by some lending institutions. Colleges know they have a gravy train. Thousands of students across the country who meet the conditions can receive $5,815 in government money paid directly to their college of choice. Colleges then tack on thousands of dollars more that families or the students often have to borrow. Colleges in turn build bigger buildings and incur more debt that in turn requires more and more tuition from struggling students and families.

Many federally funded colleges pay big salaries. One college President in Kentucky made about $400,000 a year at a tiny private Christian college. That's not that huge as some Presidents today are making close to a million dollars a year. What is interesting is that his Board of Trustees promised him this same salary package upon his retirement for the rest of his life plus medical insurance, an apartment, a car and even his cell phone. Where does this money come from? The money comes from federal grants that we the taxpayers pay and from struggling students who rack up big debts so that a retired college President can receive almost $400,000 a year and additional perks for the rest of his life. Sadly, a lot of academic institutions are crumbling across this country. There are numerous cases of campuses closing and being sold to bigger institutions or closing altogether.

Average Americans can't handle what we are being handed in medical and college costs. We need help fast.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated American columnist and author of American Issues, Every American Has An Opinion and ten other books. He is read in all 50 states. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily representative of any other group or organization.

This article is the sole opinions of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of PhotoNews Media. We welcome comments and views from our readers.


Look what David did

Last fall, we started having a little fun by randomly picking a name and doing a search through the PhotoNews image gallery to feature the best photos we had of people with that name. The first name that came to mind was Rick, but we didn't do a good job of making great images of anybody name Rick. Yes, we will work harder on that for 2017.

The next name to try was David and we had a winner. Here are seven Davids competing from various sporting events we've covered in years gone by. You will find all of them here: All the Davids on iphotonews.com.

David Robinson runs in the 2016 Illinois Marathon
April 30, 2016 - Champaign, IL - Running down Country Lane just past the 24 mile marker, David Robinson, from Chicago, IL, runs to a 47th place finish in his age group at the 2016 Illinois Marathon. He finished the race with a time of 4:17:49. More than 1,400 crossed the finish line rain-soaked race.

David Burleson runs to a second place finish
August 18, 2012 - Mahomet, IL - David Burleson runs to a second place finish in the Men's 40-44 age division at the 2012 Mahomet Half Marathon. Burleson crossed the finish line 32nd overall with a time of 1:37:12.0.

David Su
Scoring Central's only goal earlier in the game, Maroon's David Su outplays Charger's David Schurter on the ball in the second half. The Maroon's hold off undefeated crosstown rival and Big 12 soccer powerhouse Champaign Centennial with the game ending in a 1-1 tie.

David Holland returns to the transition area
June 3, 2006 - LeRoy, IL - David Holland returns to the transition area after biking the course during the 2006 Tri-Shark Classic Triathlon at Moraine View State Park Saturday morning. Holland finished the race with a time of 1:08:38. He/She swam the 600 yard course in 8:48, finished the 13 mile bike ride in 34:54:00, and ran a time of 22:08 in the 5K run at this year's race. The annual race draws multi-sport endurance athletes from around the state. See more Tri-Shark Tri race photos here . . .

David Dreschler hits his opening tee shot
July 10, 2005 - Savoy, IL - David Dreschler hits his opening tee shot during day two play at the University of Illinois Players Cup golf tournament. Rich Thompson and Ryan Cantrell won this year's cup after a playoff with Creg McDonald and Jamie Fairbanks.

Marquette's Davide Ferrari run hurdles at state track
May 26, 2016 - Charleston, IL - Marquette's Davide Ferrari clears his first hurdle in the Class 1A 300-Meter Int. Hurdles at the Illinois High Association's Track and Field State prelims on Thursday.

Huntley's David Ferrante puts the face of Mt. Carmel's Dillon Hoey into the mat
February 16, 2017 - Champaign, IL - Huntley's David Ferrante puts the face of Mt. Carmel's Dillon Hoey into the mat during their 152-pound Class 3A preliminary match at the Illinois High School Association opening day of the IHSA Individual State Wrestling Finals. (Photo: PhotoNews/Clark Brooks)

Click here to see photos of all the athletes name Davids in our image library today. Check back in a few months to see all the new Davids added to our huge online image library.

April 16, 2017

April 15 Rapid Rundown

Monticello grad pitches shutout
Parkland pitcher Sophie Catlin
Parkland pitcher Sophie Catlin winds up for a pitch against John Wood last month. The sophomore pitched four-hit shutout on Friday. Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks

Former Monticello High School standout Sophie Catlin threw a four-hit shutout and crushed her eighth home run of the season in the first inning for 2 RBI. Catlin is now 9-4 from the circle this year after the 8-0 victory in game one a doubleheader against Lewis & Clark.

She wasn't the only pummeling home runs in Friday's game. Megan Magsamen hit a two-run shot in the third inning and Maddy Shoemaker tacked on a solo homer in the fourth inning.

The hits kept coming in game two against the Blazers. Parkland' Haley Ginger was good for a two-run homer and Shelby Youngblood fenced a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the fifth inning for the green and gold 'W'. The Cobras collected 10 hits including doubles from Magsamen, Shoemaker and Amber Tabeling.

Parkland coach earns 700th victory
After a back-to-back shutout over Lewis & Clark, Parkland College head coach Chuck Clutts joined the 700 Club after his team's home doubleheader on Friday. The veteran coach has led the Cobra softball team to the NJCAA national tournament seven times and while a national title has eluded the program, he has produced three National Runner-Up titles.

The Cobras are now on a 12-game win streak this season with an impressive 29-7 record. Clutts' team is ranked #13 in the NJCAA division 2 poll and in first place in the Midwest-Athletic Conferece.

Clutts' coaching record as of Friday's twin bill is 700-272-2.

Illini win softball opener at Michigan State
Fighting Illini pitcher Breanna Wonderly winds up against Purdue
Breanna Wonderly winds up for a pitch during Illinois' home game against Purdue earlier this month. The senior picked up her 14th win of the season with win at Michigan State on Friday. Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks

A four-run fifth inning rally at the top of the frame gave the Illini women's softball team a 6-0 lead in their series opener on the road at Michigan State. The Spartans' comeback effort fell short giving Illinois a 6-3 win in Caledonia on Friday.

Breanna Wonderly (14-9) notched another win after giving up 6 hits and striking out five of the 30 Spartan batters that came to the plate.

Meanwhile, Ruby Rivera scored twice for the Fighting Illini and tallied 3 RBI in the Big Ten Conference game.

Courting failure top-ranked Buckeyes crush Illini
Ohio State didn't pull any punches in drubbing the Illinois women's tennis team on Friday leaving no doubt why they are a top four team in college tennis this season. Despite home court advantage, the Illini fell 7-0 to the Buckeyes at Atkins Tennis Center. The Fighting Illini drop to 5-3 in the Big Ten while Ohio State remains undefeated in the conference at 8-0.

After taking the doubles point, the visitors dominated the singles half of the program thanks to a roster with five nationally ranked players. On average, the Illini players won just five games against their OSU counterparts.

Illinois' Louise Kwong faced the country's #1 college player Francesca Di Lorenzo for a second time from the service line during the match. Kwong put a long fight on the #1 court but eventually succumbed in a 6-2, 6-3 decision. Earlier, Di Lorenzo, paired Miho Kowase who is ranked 88th and the team's #3 singles player, beat Kwong and teammate Jaclyn Switkes, 6-1.

Like Kwong, Champaign native Madie Baillion lost to Kowase by the same score on court 3 after the Fighting Illini's #2 player Alexis Casati also dropped both sets 6-2, 6-3.

Engel's walk-off walk wins whips Wildcats
It was barely five minutes from becoming a two-day game when pinch hitter Tyler Engel drew a walk-off walk in the 11th inning against Northwestern at Illinois Field on Friday. His patience paid off as the Fighting Illini baseball knocked off Northwestern in the opener of their three-game series, 4-3.

Illinois center fielder Doran Turchin was good for two of his teams four runs and chipped in a RBI on 3 hits. Trent Hammond drove in two runs (Rowbottom and Turchin) in the fourth inning on a double to left center.

Joe Hoscheit led the Wildcats' effort with 2 hits and 2 RBI after five trips to the plate.